Steel Blue Argyle Zip Steel Toe Bump Cap Safety Boots 312652

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This is the newer version of the 332152, same everything, but a more aesthetically pleasing scuff cap

The Steel Blue Argyle Zip is a 150mm men’s derby style, lace-up safety work boots with an industrial grade zipper so you don’t have to worry about tying up laces every day. These steel toe work boots are a popular 100% comfortable choice for Tilers, Dock Workers, Plumbers, Warehouse Staff, Construction and Courier Drivers. The Steel Blue Argyle Zip also features a heat resistant TPU outsole to 130 degrees, a 200 joule safety steel toe cap and premium water resistant leather available in black and wheat nubuck.

  • ANTI-STATIC: These boots with Anti-static properties offer a level of protection against ignition hazards
  • WATER RESISTANT: Steel Blue water resistant boots are very resilient when exposed to water increasing longevity of wear
  • STEEL TOE CAP: Steel Toe Caps are often mandatory on many worksites, so they’re our most popular choice
  • TPU OUTSOLE: With an extra tough and durable TPU outsole, these boots are suitable for most occupations
  • ZIP SIDED: Think of these as an emergency escape route for your foot allowing for quick, easy access